Heinz Kasper is a light painter, a light draughtsman, and a light designer. For him, colour is light and light is form. Forms evolve from shadows, and gain their contour from light; light delineates the shapes, which transform like light itself as the day moves into night, as the seasons and moods change, and dependent on the given geographical conditions and features. Last but not least, colour is defined by cultural parameters. How colours are perceived, how they affect our daily lives, our moods and even our wellbeing are all aspects of Heinz Kasper's research expeditions into the colour and light spheres of the world. On travels from Europe to Africa, from India to Japan, he has explored the most varied manifestations of light, and experimented with light environments and designs, with the warmth and coldness of light, with symbolic colours and colours that tell stories, with tactile colours meant to be "touched", and with ethereal colours that are concrete alone in their perception.

With this in mind, it is only logical that Heinz Kasper does not limit himself only to the institution of art during his research trips. Alongside his light designs for museums, and his participation in international light festivals, he also mounts interior and exterior architectural projects as well as temporary exhibitions and other projects related to all genres of the pictorial arts. Moreover, time and again the Austrian creates and stages illuminated "moving pictures" in which nature itself is brought to speak. In the end, everything is light.