Aeon Oz Website - the movie

A mystery play about death - resurrection - eternity.

AEON OZ is a total work of art, a contemporary dance, a visual artwork, installation and chamber music concert. A synthesis of movement, sound and light. Every element, whether projection or light, whether movement or sound – AEON OZ brings everything together! Each individual element will be equally part of the overall staging. Archetypes and rituals are translated into the language of art. Mirrored, varied, repeated and revised. Levels of perception that are constantly changing and evolving. A body, created by light, discovers space; embedded in sounds, it explores feels, seeks, finds, dances, conquers, flees. The diversity of the language, a vocabulary, a staging of sound, movement and light.

Idea, Art Direction, Production - Heinz Kasper / Choreographie - Juana del Mar / Composition and Violin - Matteo Haitzmann / Choreographie Supervisor - Charles Vodoz / Costume - Ricardo Roldán / Viola - Barbara Konrad / Cello - Mara Miribung / Light - Jake Sliv / Sound - Aries Guinto / Assistenz - Franziska Gerth

Performances in 2018 Cisnadioara (Romania) - 2020 at the Unity Pavillon Auroville and Ayurveda Retreat Coonor (India) OpenAir Performance in Kathmandu (Nepal) - 2021 Performance Episode #10 at the Rancheria Poromana, La Guajira (Colombia)Performance Aeon Oz Epilog in Villa de Leyva (Colombia)

Performance Trailer Video

MEDITATION I (Photo: Isa Pilzer)